I've been drawing professionally for over 20 years. I got my start drawing caricatures with Steve and Gary Fasen at Six Flags Great America north of Chicago. Those were interesting times, and I made a lot of friends and worked alongside several talented artists. Over the years I've estimated that I've sold over 20,000 caricatures. I've had a lot of fun doing it and hopefully I have created some valuable keepsakes for people.

can be a great time. I always hear someone at an event say how much they appreciate the opportunity to get drawn without the expense and hassle of having it done at a theme park. It attracts a lot of attention and gives people a souvenir to take home that will be worthy of some fun conversation. I particularly enjoy drawing at college events, and I’ve traveled to campuses all over the Midwest. I can draw black and white caricatures in about 6 minutes per head, and I bring all of my own supplies, including bags in which to put the finished drawings. All you supply are the faces and a reasonably well-lit place to draw. Contact me to learn my hourly rate. I respectfully decline kids' parties and family barbecues, which might be fun to attend but not necessarily to draw at.

CARICATURES FROM PHOTOS are unique gifts for any family member, teacher, coach, or VIP you want to celebrate with humor. As with any illustration project, after hearing your idea and the amount of detail involved, I can quote you a price.

In general, I enjoy using my particular drawing style and perspective, whether it's for caricatures, cartoons or greeting cards.

Email me for more information or find Kevin Berg Caricature on Facebook and Instagram..

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kevin Berg
Genoa, IL